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General Info
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General Info


Rooms are usually available from 13:00 on the arrival day. Nevertheless we apologize in advance if your room is not available yet.


Please park your car following the yellow stripes in our off-road parking behind the hotel. We will ask you to leave your car keys at the reception if your car hampers the exit of other ones.


They are allowed in the common areas of the hotel, only if kept on a leash.
Pets are not allowed in the swimming pool and on the Solarium terrace.

Private beach:

To reserve a beach seat in the first, second or third row, it is necessary to ask for availability at the Reception.

Daily price:

1st row beach seat € 12.00
2nd row beach seat € 10.00
3rd row beach seat € 7.00
From the 4th to the 15th row (indicated by the “Hotel Tropical” plates) the beach seats are free to access.
The Storeroom for airbeds and toys is next to the front door, under the stairs.


Our swimming pool with hydromassage bench and paddling pool are located on the second floor and is open every day, from 9.30 to 19.30.
We remind you that it is mandatory to always take a shower before entering.
We invite you to read the swimming pool regulations.


Our Rooftop Garden is located on the fifth floor and is open every day from 9:00 to 24:00.


You can find it on the fifth floor and it is open every day from 10:00 to 19:30.
It is possible to book it in Reception for 30min at only 5€ per person.
Please note that it is mandatory to always take a shower before entering.
We invite you to read the rules of the Jacuzzi.

Card of the room:

When you arrive in the hotel you will be given a card, which opens in addition to the door of your room, that of the main entrance of the hotel and of the internal parking, placing the card against the external sensor.

Important for the security of the room:

Lean the card on the external sensor and wait for the switching off of the yellow light, then enter the room. When in, insert the card in the slot next to the door to get electricity working.
Please leave the card at the reception before the departure.
To have another copy of your card, please ask personally the staff for it.
Lost cards will be debited in the bill €10,00.

Air Conditioning:

With the card inserted and closing the terrace door you can turn on the air conditioning and choose the desired temperature.
By opening the terrace door, the air conditioning will stop.


The digital safe is situated in the wardrobe.
Depositing your valuables is free.
To set the combination follow these instructions, which you will find in the form above it.


Everyone should respect nature on holiday. It is also thanks to it that Jesolo and its surroundings are so attractive.
Therefore we ask you to choose yourselves which towels have to be replaced.


Breakfast: from 7:45am to 10:00am in our veranda.
If you would like to have breakfast earlier, please inform us the day before.

Take away:

From 12:30 to 13:00 you can pick up your take-away.

Baby food lunch corner:

Here parents can arrange the preparation of warm meals for their babies with our chefs.


You will find your table in one of our two rooms, the waiters are at your disposal, from 19.30 to 20.30.
Our chef creates personally a various menu every day.
You will find your menu à la carte every day on the table.
Possible extra menu requests have to be arranged with the reception.
Extra requests, which are not arranged with the reception, are debited as extras.
Dinner for children: it is possible at 7.15pm (only on request).

Telephone in the room:

Dial number 9 to call the reception.
To call another room dial its number.
For external calls push 0 before dialing the desired number.

Emergency numbers:

Nocturnal emergency: 9
First aid: 118

Xbox 360:

Those who want to play can use our Xbox 360, which is located in the main entrance of the hotel.


In front of the hotel you will find the Prealpi S. Biagio bank, while in P.zza Milano (200 meters from the hotel) you will find the BPER bank.


Artestetica, via Danimarca, 4 (vicolo 1°)
Tel. 0421-961771


Salone Zoccarato in Piazza Milano
Salone Nella in Piazza Milano
Manuel’s salon in front of the hotel.


The pharmacy is located in Piazza Milano.
You can also find one in Piazza Torino.


A medical service called “continuità assistenziale” may be contacted during the night (from 20:00pm to 8.00am).
The Jesolo hospital is about 1.0km from the hotel.


Relaxing in our bar by drinking a coffee or a long drink made by our Barman.
The bar is open from 7.30am to midnight every day.
It is possible to order directly from the swimmingpool or from the Rooftop Garden by typing n. 9 from the appropriate intercom.

Return at night:

You can open the main entrance at anytime simply by leaning your card on the external sensor (next to the door).


We kindly ask you to pay attention to the following rules:

  1. Ask for bicycles before using them, they can’t be booked.
  2. Bicycles are for all guests and shouldn’t be used more than 3 hours.
  3. Please tell us about any malfunction or damage.
  4. Please lock the bicycles at the apposite rack by usin padlocks and give back the keys in the reception after using them.


If you need a taxi we will be pleased to call one for you from the reception.


Our guests are kindly invited to ask for the bill the day before the departure, from 2.00pm to 20.00pm.
In case of a promotion included in the bill, we kindly ask you to settle it on cash.


You have just arrived but nevertheless we would like to say something about the departure.
Rooms and parking place should be vacated by 10.00am on the day of your departure. It is possible to postpone the departure by keeping the room, the parking space and the beach and also taking advantage of the swimming pool and the solarium until 18:30.
Extra service subject to availability

To close:

If you have any problems with your room or with the service provided, please inform us. It will help us to improve even more.
We wish you an enjoyable stay in Hotel Tropical, Jesolo.